If you've ever been to Niseko or Japan before most likely you've enjoyed a meal Hokkaido is famous for, ramen noodles. A simple yet satisfying meal with its deep delicious flavours it is an awesome winter warmer that makes the perfect lunch or dinner, especially if you are pressed for time.
It has once again been a quiet March here in Niseko with international visitors to Japan almost non existent. While it has been a little lonely the upside has been even quieter slopes and March is usually pretty quiet. 
If you are looking for accommodation for a large group in Niseko that is modern, stylish, practical and well priced look no further than the Kabayama Townhouses.
So you've made it to Niseko, checked into your accommodation in Hirafu village, already snuck in a couple of runs to get your feet back and now you've returned to your comfy apartment or chalet with one thing on your mind, delicious Japanese food!
If you are looking for a 3 bedroom stand alone home in Hirafu Village, Zangestu is hard to beat.
Due to an increased interest in bookings for the 2021 /22 winter but a continuing lack of clarity on the possibility of international travel Holiday Niseko has updated it's booking policy.
Many people who travel to Hokkaido will often not see much more than Chitose Airport and the resort area of Niseko.
If you have ever visited Niseko the first thing you will usually remember is the snow!  The amount of snow the area gets is really quite incredible with many years seeing more than 15m of snowfall a season. So far this winter has been no different with countless deep dry powder days through December and January.  
Winter 2021 is in full swing and showing no signs of slowing down, the amount of snow is quite incredible and even after spending many winters in Hokkaido the snow Niseko has received this winter amazes on a daily basis. Everyday cars need to be dug out as do driveways, roads and roofs. Aside from the admin though the skiing and snowboarding just keeps getting better and better, the snow has been in a word incredible.
Opening day is always an exciting one, you've waited the whole summer and a seemingly an even longer autumn and finally the day has arrived! Now you're standing in line for the first chair of the winter, your gear is waxed, the new jacket and pants are looking aweseome, boots still feel good and you're ready to roll. Hope the technique's still there!