Well, what can we say! It has been a long dry and warm summer here in Niseko, with temperatures being above normal but finally they have dropped with the first flakes settling on the mountain tops and the landscape turning gold and red as we write.
With the kick off of the  Sapporo Beer Festival last weekend and a great day there on a journey back into Niseko it has made us think of what there is locally to do this weekend? And lucky for us, in amongst the planned swims in the river and tennis, we are going to go down to Kanro No Mori for a few beers, festive Latino dancing, fireworks  and great Japanese festival fare. Also luckily for us the weather is looking like it will be fine with a
It has been less than a month since the chairlifts stopped and now the landscape is green. Even though a few are still making the most of the last of the snow on the peaks, it seems as though winter has all been forgotten about around here.
The Last few weeks has seen a rock n roll of weather, from warm spring days and rain during Golden Week to a dusting of snow just 2 days ago on the mountain tops, to once again a pretty normal mild spring Monday. Golden Week, a week where public holidays string together to make a week long holiday, started off warm with great spring riding and BBQ and beer weather for the holiday makers that came to Niseko.
Winter this season was long and record snowfall was recorded on the mountain and in the village. Over 20 metres on the mountain seems to be the talk around town and in some spots we would guess a lot more. Anyhow there was plenty of snow for all of our guests and the Holiday Niseko crew.