In our second part of a glance at golf we look at another 3 fantastic courses in the Niseko area, Fukui (Niseko Golf Course), Hilton and Niseko Golf & Resort. These 3 great courses are all easily accessible from Hirafu and the journey to Niseko Golf and Resort a charming scenic drive through rural Japan.
Across the world the Niseko area has become famous for it's incredible snow and fantastic resorts but there is more to Niseko than just amazing skiing. In the summer time golf is a pastime enjoyed by locals and tourists a like and for good reason. Niseko is home to a great number of fantastic courses and spring through autumn the opportunities to play a wide variety of courses abound. 
Park golf is unsurprisingly a form of golf played in a park. The game was invented in Hokkaido in 1983 and it now boasts over a million players nationwide. Part of the appeal of park golf is the simplicity of the game. Only one club and one ball are required to play the game. The courses are quite short with the maximum length of a single hole being 100 meters and a typical 9 hole par 33 course being limited to 500 meters. Since there is no lower
Great morning today, sunny and no wind. Played golf at Niseko Village Hilton course with friends. Not crowded at all. Below is a shot taken on May 9th at Niseko golf course. Again sunny and no crowds, awesome.