Often in winter I get asked by guests who stay in our Niseko apartments, “Is there anything to do in Kutchan? Or “Is there anything to do that isn’t skiing or snow related?” Choices in winter are usually pretty limited so I set out to find something to do in case the ski lifts are closed due to bad weather.
While the primary reason to stay in Niseko during winter is for the skiing, people also travel for the cultural experience. Using cul
Lake Toya is a more developed area than Shikotsu. It takes 40-50 minutes to get there from Niseko.  On Toya's south east side are several large hotels as well as Volcanic Mt.Usu which closed down the  area when it erupted in 2000.  Toya hosted the G8 summit last year at the exclusive 5 star Windsor hotel. In July and August there is a fireworks display every night that can be seen from all sides of the Lake.
Park golf is unsurprisingly a form of golf played in a park. The game was invented in Hokkaido in 1983 and it now boasts over a million players nationwide. Part of the appeal of park golf is the simplicity of the game. Only one club and one ball are required to play the game. The courses are quite short with the maximum length of a single hole being 100 meters and a typical 9 hole par 33 course being limited to 500 meters. Since there is no lower
Ever wondered where all the snow in Niseko goes? A lot of it filters into the ground and later  resurfaces as spring water.  With an average annual snowfall around 13 meters, it's no surprise that the quantity of spring water around the Niseko region is one of the largest in Japan. Around the Niseko area there are many places to collect spring water.  Some places are very popular as many Japanese believe certain spring waters to contain benefi
One of the more popular summer tour destinations in Niseko is Milk Kobo in Higashiyama,(on the road to Niseko Hilton).
The Niseko View Plaza, located on route 5 just outside of Niseko town is a Michi no Eki (Road Sation). There are around 900 of these road side rest areas in Japan. Local governments often use Michi no Eki to represent and promote tourism.  Michi no Eki range from restrooms only to those with shops selling local specialties. Some Michi no Eki even have camping grounds, hot spring, parks and a wide range of services. Interestingly most do not have
Within 5 minutes walk from the center of Niseko Hirafu village is the start of Hirafu's hiking course. The trail leads to the Niseko village Hilton hotel and takes 30 minutes one way. So a 1 hour hike both ways. It is a relatively easy hike, no long climbs. It has been recently improved with multiple bridges and board walks.
The Niseko Hanazono trail has to be my favorite  trail in the Niseko resort area. Fairly long, about 6-7 km's. Challenging climbs for the first 2km's. Bit of a slug but laced with a few fun downhill sections, some nice views and a creek crossing. We rode it last weekend, a bit of snow leftover but should be all gone within a week.
For visitors to the Niseko resort area hoping to get in some mountain biking while on holiday. The good news is Niseko has some great trails and plenty more to come. This is thanks to a small group of local mountain bikers. Driven by their passion for the sport and area, this core group of locals are building new cross country and downhill courses. In turn helping make Niseko a true year round resort. If you're here on a Wednesday come join the l
Great morning today, sunny and no wind. Played golf at Niseko Village Hilton course with friends. Not crowded at all. Below is a shot taken on May 9th at Niseko golf course. Again sunny and no crowds, awesome.