Our Most Asked Questions on Lift Passes

Yes, all lift tickets from 2 day to 7 day must be used on consecutive days.  8 day to 14 day lift tickets allow for two rest days. I.e. an 8 in 10 day lift ticket is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase and you can ski any 8 out of those 10 days.  All 15 to 21 day lift tickets allow for three rest days.

Niseko United offers a 12 in 14 day pass.  The pass is valid for 14 days and you can ski any 12 of those 14 days, giving you two rest days. Another option is to purchase a Niseko United 50 hour pass which offers a lot more flexibility and is cheaper than the 12 in 14 day pass. 

If you purchase the 50 hour All Mountain Niseko United Pass, it is activated when you pass through the electronic lift gates.  One hour is initially deducted from your pass. You can use any lift for the next 60 minutes.  Once the 60 mins has expired, the next time you go through the lift gates another hour will be deducted from your pass.  If you are already on the lifts when the first 60mins expires this is O.K. The next hour starts from the next time you go through the gates.  Therefore it is possible to get well over 50 hours use from the pass especially if you plan to hike the peak or go through the backcountry gates. The electronic gates display how much time is left on your pass. An 8 hour pass is valid for 8 hours after you go through the ticket gate on the date of purchase. This is also applies for the Hirafu 5 hour pass as well. They are only valid for the day you activate them even if you don't ski the full 5-8 hours.

Yes, all day tickets include night skiing.

If you pre-purchase a regular season All-Mountain pass from Holiday Niseko we are able to replace the pass. You will however need to pay 2,500yen provided you have a record of the pass number. To avoid losing your pass we recommend designating one pocket in your outerwear as your lift pass pocket and use it for nothing else so the zip is always closed.

School children from the ages of 7-12 and 13-15 can ski at a discounted rate.  

Children under the age of 3 can ski for free.  Guests aged 60 or over can ski at a discounted rate. For more details please visit the Niseko United website.

Despite Niseko Moiwa’s proximity to the Niseko United Resort a separate lift ticket is required to ski at Niseko Moiwa.

A Hirafu 5 or 8 hour pass or a 12 Point Ticket is recommended.  For Point Ticket holders, each gondola ride are 4 points, each high-speed lift are 2 points and other lifts is 1 point. The family ace beginner lift is 1 point per-ride. Please note: if you are taking ski lessons you will need a lift pass rather than a points pass.

The Niseko United All Mountain Pass can be used at Niseko Annupuri, Niseko Village (formerly Higashiyama) Niseko Grand Hirafu  and Hanazono.  For more information and lift ticket prices please visit the Niseko United website.

Certain areas are permanently out of bounds due to high avalanche risk. If you are caught in these areas your pass will be confiscated.  Back country gates are sometimes closed due to unstable snow conditions or poor weather. If you are caught out of bounds when the gates are closed your pass will also be confiscated. Avalanche and backcountry conditions are published daily in English here.

A Grand Hirafu lift ticket can be used both at Grand Hirafu and Hanazono. This comprises of approximately 60% of the Niseko United ski area and includes the snowboard terrain park and access to the peak.

Pre-ordered passes will be given on arrival.

If you're  an intermediate to advanced skier/rider and are here for more than a few days we recommend an all-mountain pass. If you're a beginner to low intermediate or only here to ski one or two days and want to keep costs down then a Hirafu pass should do the trick for you. As Hirafu passes do comprise of approximately 60% of the Niseko resort. There is plenty of terrain to keep you amused for a couple of days. You can check Hirafu passes at Grand Hirafu lift prices If you intend on skiing/riding in Niseko for 4 weeks or more and are on a budget, then consider the Hirafu 28day pass. Almost half the price of the All-mountain pass for the same number of days.