Intuition Niseko

Intuition Niseko is one of Niseko's newest luxury accommodation offerings serving up everything you could wish for on a ski holiday from incredible food to breathtaking views all just a short walk from the lifts. Located across the road from the well established Aya Hotel Intuition is just a hop skip and a jump from the base of the ace family chair making it ideal for families and groups of friends a like.

A chef works behind a grill with flames
Guests can relax and dine in Intuitions own restaurant and bar.

Intuition offers a range of luxury accommodations from stunning 4 & 5 bedroom penthouses to spacious yet cozy hotel rooms for two. These are coupled with excellent service and framed by stunning natural vistas that include views of the resort and the ever present ever majestic Mount Yotei.   

A dining table and Yotei View behind
Intuition Niseko-4 BDR Yotei Penthouse

If all this wasn't enough to pique your interest another arrow in Intuitions luxurious quiver are it's onsen facilities. The hotel has onsen located on the ground floor and outside of the penthouses. There are also saunas and more facilities for you to relax and rejuvenate after a big day on the hill.

An onsen with a snow capped fence
Rest and relax rejuvenate in one of Intuition's rejuvenating onsens.

If you are looking for a memorable, relaxing and seamless stay look no further than intuition. Here you'll be immersed in the areas incredible scenery, luxurious surrounds, rejuvenating waters and excellent service. If you'd like to know more about Intuition get in touch today ([email protected]) or head over to the property page > >

An evening view of Mount Yotei across a dining table
Luxurious surrounds and beautiful vistas make Intuition an easy choice.