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Hokkaido Travel - Erimo Misaki

Travel opprotunities are endless here in Hokkaido especially in the summer time, in every direction there is a destination to travel to or a unique attraction to see.

Erimo Misaki is the south eastern most tip of Hokkaido, a rugged windswept cape with a striking line of small islands extending from dramatic cliffs.


Concrete compass with rocky island in back ground
At the tip of Hokkaido 285 kms from Hirafu

At the top of the cliffs is a small comunity of accommodations, one of which is Osashimi Ryokan Sansuikaku a simple yet delightful Japanese hotel / lodge style accommodation with ocean views and an absolutely incedible Sashimi dinner menu.


A platter of Sushi
An incredibly fresh platter of seafood from Osashimi Ryokan

 A short walk from the Ryokan and you will be standing a top the cliffs of Cape Erimo with beautiful sea views from north to south.

At night the sky is eerily lit by the rotating beam of the lighthouse warning ships from the rocks below.


Rocky islands extend into the sea
Hokkaido's beautiful and varied landscape never ceases to amaze


A light house and pathway
At night the skies are lit by the rotating lights of the Erimo Misaki light house

More culinary delights await in the souvenir shop with a fresh sushi bar, barbeque and sea urchin stand.

Tanks inside bubble and move with delicious inhabitants such as uni (sea urchin) welks, crabs and prawns all of which can be purchased and eaten on site.


A bule and white souvenir shop with Japanese writing
The souvenir holds some delicious surprises


Shelves lined with seaweed souvenirs
Konbu Souvenirs line the shelves between live crabs and a sushi stall


A man prepares sea urchin
Tasty delights such as fresh sea Urchin or Uni

Erimo Misaki is best accessed by car and from Hirafu Village and takes apprximatley 5 hours. The drive there provides a mixture of coastal and rural scenes from small fishing villages to the rolling hills and pastures of Hidaka, an area famous for horse breeding. Past Erimo Misaki can be found some of the best surfing on the island along with excellent salmon fishing in the autumn. Further afield  you will find Akan Mashu National Park, Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and further still the World Herriatge, Shiretoko National Park, all of which are must sees on any Hokkaido itinerary 


Lines of fishing roads along the coast
From late summer salmon fisherman try their luck along the coast


The blue of the pacific ocean against wind swept cliffs
The view from Cape Erimo to the south



Small island extend from a head land
The view from the southern tip of Hokkaido is timeless and spectacular



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