The crystal clear waters of Kyougoku

Just a 20 minute drive from Hirafu is a small town named Kyogoku which sits at the foot of Mt Moiwa on the north eatsern side.

This quaint farming town was founded by Takanori Kyōgoku (1858-1928) and first settled back in 1897. The main attraction today is Fukidashi Park which winter or summer is well worth a visit.

A small man made lake wit trees and grass verge
The beautiful lake in Kyougoku

The park is home to a large natural spring which is recognised as one of the top 100 spring waters in Japan. The spring feeds into two small man made lakes which are adorned with maple trees, a walk way, rolling grass verges,manicured trees and even have some rainbow trout swimming in them.

Water runs under a bridge with leafy surrounds
Crisp clear water

Water bottles can be purchased on site and visitors from near a far flock to collect it and for good reason, it is delicious!

A waterfall with green moss and stakes in foreground
Clean crisp spring water

There are two sides to the park, one of which is on route 478 and has a number of food stalls selling fried potatoe treats and ice creams. This side is also home to a childrens playgrough and amphitheatre / stage as well as a michi no eki or road station names Meisui-no-Sato Kyogoku where you will find fresh produce and souvenirs.

Cross the bridge from here and a quaint row of shops lines the road selling fresh produce and delcious coffee. It is from this side you can access the spring water taps and water fall area.

A line of small shops
Great coffee from a cool little roadside store

a pergola beside a small lake
Lush green surrounds and still waters