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Niseko Moments

A trip to Niseko is a time in your life that you will never forget. A visit here will be filled with unique moments that create memories that will last a life time. These are memories you will share with your family and firends, those who were there to enjoy it with you and those who you will never stop convincing to join you on the next trip.


A snowy river scene with a blue bridge in the background.
The fairy tale landscape of Niseko is one you will never forget.

The more time you spend in Niseko the more picture perfect postcard winter scenes you will see, the more hidden gem restaurants you will discover and the more incredible runs you will find. Whether you come to teach the kids to ski in some of the softest snow in the world, to taste that mystical umami flavour or find easy access to some of the best back country riding in Japan, Niseko promises to deliver magical moments accross the board. 


A snowboarder makes a deep turn
Every powder turn like this is a magical one! Photo - Glen Claydon Photography

You will find more of these majical moments at the bottom of your deepest turn, at the top of your longest hike and in the laugh of your youngest who just clipped Mum with a snowball. You can create incredible memories at any time of the season here, December through April be they in the cold early season snowfalls that produce some of the best powder in the world, one of the incredible blue bird powder days we often experience in February or during April with settled weather, sunny days and great spring skiing.


Snow caked trees with Mount Yotei in the background
You don't have to trek to the top of a mountain to experience the incredible moments Niseko has to offer but if you do you'll be greeted with plenty.

For many the next trip to Niseko stands with a question mark above its peak, right now travel here is an uncertainty but this winter will likely be even more snowy than the last and the one after that may be even better. Niseko will always be here waiting for you and we at Holiday Niseko are looking forward to helping you discover more Niseko moments and incredible memories that you will treasure for ever.


A view of Mt Annupuri with Shiribetsu River in the foreground
Even for regular visitors to Niseko the alluring natural beauty never ceases to amaze.


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