Elsewhere - Winter in Japan

If you love the mountains one watch of this video will likely result in two scenarios, either you'll want to make your first vist to Japan or you'll want to return.

Snowboarder doing a powder turn
Elsewhere in Japan - video

The words below from Finnegan Laver, Elsewhere's Director, if you've been considering a trip here we think the following might be just what you need to see to make up your mind.

" Structured but sophisticated. Maintained but manic. Refined but raw.

Japan is defined by contrast.

Nowhere else balances the modern so well with the traditional while the mixture of culture, food, scenery and the warmth of the Japanese people are just a small number of reasons why I end up back here every year.

I hope watching Elsewhere motivates you to experience this incredible country for yourself."

Elsewhere - Winter in Japan from Finnegan Laver on Vimeo.

Jack Spence
Troy Sturrock
Jeremy Burns
Andrew Brown
Ryusei Takahashi (guest appearance)

Supported by:
Anon Optics
Capita Snowboards Aus/NZ
Union Binding Co. Aus/NZ
Rad Gloves

Music: Bayonne - Spectrolite

Director: Finnegan Laver
Producers: Jeremy Burns, Linton Naylor, Paul Colby
Voiceover: Ryusei Konno
Filmer: Finnegan Laver
Edit/grade: Finnegan Laver
Sound design: Finnegan Laver