Camping at Lake Toya and Shikotsu

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Camping at Lake Toya and Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu and Toya are both within 1 hours drive from Niseko. They are spectacular caldera lakes surrounded by rugged mountain peaks. Around the lake shores are various inexpensive campsites and onsens (hotsprings).  If you have the time we thoroughly recommend getting out of your Niseko accommodation for a night or two and go camping at either lake. During mid-Summer most campsites are busy in the weekends, though reservations are generally not needed. Weekdays are a lot less crowded so if you like a bit of serenity this is the time to go.


Lake Toya Takarada camp site
Lake Toya Takarada camp site

Lake Toya is a more developed area than Shikotsu. It takes 40-50 minutes to get there from Niseko.  On Toya's south east side are several large hotels as well as Volcanic Mt.Usu which closed down the  area when it erupted in 2000.  Toya hosted the G8 summit last year at the exclusive 5 star Windsor hotel. In July and August there is a fireworks display every night that can be seen from all sides of the Lake.



Toya's Cho Koen (Small park) campsite


Shikotsu is the lake situated along the route between Chitose airport and Niseko. It's the second deepest lake in Japan maxing out at 360 meters and the northernmost Lake that doesn't freeze over. Incredibly clear pristine water.



The kids at Shikotsu Morappu campsite
The kids at Shikotsu Morappu campsite

There are no supermarkets or convenience stores nearby so bring a stocked up chilly bin.


Lake Shikotsu on a summer day
Lake Shikotsu on a summer day

Here is a list of campsites we recommend
Lake Shikotsu:
Morappu. The most historical campsite in the park. The largest lake shore campsite and well-equipped.
Bifue.  A site for RV's located in the woods on the lakeshore.
Poropinai and Okatan. Located on the north side of the lake, less busy than the above two campsites

Lake Toya area:
Takarada. Area for RV's, log cabins. Modern and well equipped.
Nakatoya, Takinoue. Located in the trees facing the east lakeshore
Tsukiura: Area for RV's

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