Delicious dairy at Milk Kobo

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Delicious dairy at Milk Kobo

Tucked just below Niseko Vilage on the Higashiyama side of the tracks is a couple of hidden local gems, Milk Kobo and Prativo Restaurant. Milk Kobo not surprisingly is a bakery and icecream shop specialising in dairy based delights. The crowd favorites are their delicious cream puffs or shou-cremes, a delicious puff of delicate sweet pastry filled with a not too sweet creme custard that leaves you hanging on every bite.


A range of dairy products in a display fridge
Dairy options for every taste!

The restaurant has a quaint country feel and if their sought after signature shou -cremes aren't your cup of tea they have a superb selection of alternative sweet delights including a delicious yogurt drink in various flavours and a variety of tasty cakes.


Dolls, snacks and a toy tractor on a display table
Try Milk Kobo for awesome souvenirs

If none of these options are ticking any boxes there is always the ice cream, ooohhhwww the ice cream. Soft serve cones or gelato in an array of flavors, Milk Kobo has you covered. And don't miss the cheese tarts straight out of the oven!!


Ice cream being served at Milk Kobo
Who doesn't love freshly made ice cream!

Once you have your ice cream in hand, head out side to enjoy this on the grass front row center to some of the best views of Mount Yotei in the district. Milk Kobo is located here - just a 15 minute bus ride from Hirafu Village. Milk Kobo is open year round but maybe closed over the new year.


The view of Mount Yotei from Milk Kobo
What a perfect place for an ice cream!



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